Hi, I’m Jeff McJunkin. As part of the team at Counter Hack Challenges I develop educational, hands-on challenges and competitions to help identify people with information security interest, potential, skills, and experience. I live in sunny (well, sometimes) southern Oregon. I graduated cum laude from Southern Oregon University with a B.S. in Computer Security / Information Assurance.

Teaching experience:

I’ve taught significant portions of several classes at SOU, including Networks I, Networks II, Security II, Security III, and have guest lectured on subjects in virtualization and security. I’ve mentored students through Capstone projects and high school senior projects, as well as had a half dozen or so interns.


In September of 2011, I won the NetWars-NG competition at SANS Network Security 2011 in Las Vegas, NV. In November, I placed third at the same competition held in Washington, DC for SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2011. I also participated in the Western Region Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition as a Red Team member in March of 2012. In December of 2012, I placed third in the first-ever NetWars Tournament of Champions at SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2012.

Standard disclaimer: The views expressed inside this blog do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.